Catching Up


Hello there. It seems like time to blow the dust and cobwebs off of the blog. It’s been six months between posts which I am pretty sure translates to decades in internet years.

I am not sure where to begin, so I have made a list called “10 Things I Have Been Doing While I Was Not Blogging.”  However, the real reason for my absence is in #10.

  1. Signed copies of Handmade Hostess at Costco
  2. Took fewer pictures and tried to be in the moment more
  3. Wondered if that really worked
  4. Cleaned out the guest room and threw away all evidence that I’m actually a hoarder
  5. Stood by two of our favorite couples as they got married
  6. Congratulated a third friend on her engagement (#yearoftheweddings)
  7. Celebrated the best Christmas I have had in a long time
  8. Fine-tuned my second fabric line
  9. Studied the changing blog landscape and wondered where I fit in
  10. Finished writing a novel

Yes, that’s right. I wrote a (second) book – this time venturing into the world of fiction.

Alas, the blog is not the only thing I have neglected in the big push to the finish. Also: calls from friends, showers, Facebook, coffee dates.

Have you ever had a goal that was greedy, demanding everything you had? This one was like that. I have learned that if you don’t feed the greedy ones, they’ll grow up lopsided and malnourished.

In the meantime, I am still reflecting on #9. Blogging is changing. I am thinking of some new ways to connect more regularly with you, but this will stay my home base. I am very optimistic about 2014. Here’s to creating space for all of the things (and people) who are important to us.

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Summer Decorating Ideas


Just wanted to pop in and share a few summery decorating tips. We are having a major heat wave over here in Seattle, so right now, my will to decorate is pretty low. Forget a pop of color.  How about a Popsicle? They’re cute, right?

I hope to be back here soon after I wrap up some creative projects and enjoy a bit of a summer hiatus.  In the meantime, here are a few fun links:

Hope you are enjoying your summer and staying cool!

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Hi there. I am popping in after a long absence to share some good news!

Tomorrow, Saturday June 22nd, I’m having a book signing at Costco (Woodinville location, 11-2pm). If you’re in the neighborhood (or have relatives or friends up this way), I’d love to meet you (them). Right now, this is the one and only stop on the Costco book tour — but I’m hoping that if this one goes well, I’ll be able to get out to some other cities.

I have been inspired this past month to finish up a big, creative project. I am on a huge tear, so I’m going to let myself disappear back down the rabbit hole and see where it goes. I hope to be back here soon.

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Medicine for Mondays 5.20.13

I have been missing my blog lately. Between my fabric flower class and a trip to Quilt Market last week, things have been really hectic.

Behind the scenes, I have been working on some new content and fresh ideas for this space — and it was good to give things a little extra time to gel. I’ll be rolling out some new columns and branching out a bit more. The weather is summery here today, and it feels good to get moving again!



{Introducing a new weekly column, Medicine for Mondays: If only we could bottle beauty into an elixir and drink our fill each week. This is my weekly reminder to try to see the world with fresh eyes.  A photograph I’ve taken of a beautiful spot. Five things I’m thankful for right this very minute. And 1 question to help jump start my Monday.}


1) Pockets of sunshine this weekend

2) Being home and waking up in my own bed after a trip to Portland

3) My husband hearing the scratching noises in the office and agreeing that a squirrel is living in the wall*

4) Naps

5) Really good, chunky erasers

 *Some days I am just really thankful to learn that I am not crazy.


I’ve had several reminders lately that there is more to me than just work. And yet, too often, I measure my week only by my list of accomplished tasks.

I am really trying to focus on being more well-rounded (thinking about my physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well-being). Self-care is a choice that I have to make about how I spend my time. (Anyone else struggle with that?)

This week, I’m making an effort to try a new form of exercise — yoga. And yes, it made me smile.


What about you?

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Backyard Makeover Needed


Last week, I managed to snap a few photos of the gorgeous pink trees peeking over our backyard fence. I am glad I did. Their fresh Spring pink has already dulled to a dark, mauve. The tree at the right-hand of that photo burst into fluffy, white blooms a few days ago — and the parade moves on.

I gushed about Spring last year when everything felt new to us up here in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, I thought that maybe this time I’d be less impressed.

However, now we are in a house as opposed to a high-rise apartment. We’re closer to the trees and bushes and flowers then we ever got from our balcony, and it feels more intimate and personal. Even though these are my neighbor’s trees — they feel like mine somehow, too. The view from my second story window looks right onto their huge, pink boughs.

For a few really glorious days, we had a lot of sunshine and wind, and outside, the pink petals drifted by the window like snowflakes.


And that’s about where the fantasy ends. I know. I hate to burst the bubble.

Apparently, we are supposed to mow the lawn and pull weeds and, eh-hem, repair that fence. We try not to make eye contact with the neighbors. Did you notice the boards all askew in that top photo? The other side of the yard is worse — the whole fence up and keeled over.

I try to have a sense of humor about the never-ending list of things to maintain. I am so grateful to have discovered the writings of Gladys Taber last year. I hear her wise words and laughter in my head when I think about the chores and rhythms of the seasons. I look out back, and think — oh, this summer, we’ll build a new fence and landscape those beds and re-paint our deck and, and, and… The reality will be much less productive than that. There will be hot days sitting outside with Popsicles – too warm to think straight let alone do any physical labor.

I was asked to write about waking up your outdoor space with 5 personalized art projects (at P&G Everyday) and that was so much more my style. Let’s just decorate instead. I’ll paint a nice faux rug on that deck, and everyone will forget about the fence.

Right on cue, it has started to rain. I guess we’ll table this discussion for later. We don’t really have to get started yet, do we? What about you — any outdoor projects you’re planning to tackle this year? (Balconies and apartment steps count in my book!)

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