Ever Kelly is the the blog home of writer and designer, Kelly Lee-Creel.  (That’s me.)

I love telling stories on a wide range of media including print, web, and video games. I am an enthusiastic public speaker and just finished my first novel.

My first book, Handmade Hostess, which I co-wrote with my best friend and sister, Rebecca Soder, is available from Amazon. (For a sneak peak, here is a short, homemade trailer I made.)

{Handmade Hostess (Official Book Trailer) from Kelly Lee-Creel on Vimeo.}

I am also known for my popular line of fabric, Storybook Lane from Andover Fabrics. My fabric and sewing patterns debuted at Spring Quilt Market in 2012.

A little bit about myself:

In 2009, I left my job as a video game producer to pursue my dream of writing books and designing fabric. (I talk more about my decision to quit my job here.) My goals have evolved quite a bit since then, but I think it’s important to share this part of the story anyway. So many times we start out in one direction and end up realizing we should be heading somewhere else. While working on my fabric line and craft book, I kept sneaking off in the mornings to work on a little story idea I had. Well, my story grew, and I realized that working on Handmade Hostess had uncorked a much bigger project. Now, I’m getting back to my English major roots and loving it.

What’s this Ever Kelly business about anyway?

Ever Kelly is where I talk about my adventures in writing, design, photography, and home decoration with a huge dose of honesty and self-deprecating humor in the mix. I chose the name Ever Kelly, because my last name, Lee-Creel, is pretty hard to spell.  (Just ask the airlines!)  However, it also helps describe the journey.

Ever Kelly has been about embracing the only Kelly I will ever be. I hope that this can be a place that helps you connect with that something special in you, too.  What’s your happily ever after?

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