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To my fabric-loving friends:

After waiting a long time, I finally have some news to share. My new fabric line, Wild Abandon, is not going to be printed.

I know some of you have seen glimpses of it over at the Andover Fabrics website (or maybe even in person from your sales rep). The decision to drop the line came from Andover for business reasons.



I wanted to share a few thoughts since some of you have asked me for advice over the years about the fabric design business.

First, I am proud of the artwork. I really pushed myself and created something I consider beautiful. Sometimes, that’s the win.


A year or two ago, I would have been absolutely heartbroken. Now, I feel that this is confirmation that I am moving onto a different path.

The work of an artist — or in this case, a fabric designer — is to keep going back to the drawing board and to create new artwork. You must really love THAT part of it — the sitting at the blank page and starting again. It must be enough to keep you going when your work is rejected, unpopular, or needs revision. (And, believe me, I’ve had plenty of all three as all artists do. This is not the first line that has ended up on the cutting room floor.)


The other aspects of designing fabric — the booths at trade shows, the occasional press, the sewing samples, the teaching, the moment when you first touch your fabric — are all great. In fact, any of them might get you excited enough to try. But, at its core, fabric design comes down to the design itself. You need persistence, vision, and the desire to practice at it continually.

At this moment, I am being called to a different practice: writing. As I mentioned in this post, I recently completed my first novel. I don’t consider this giving up. but giving in┬áto another calling — one that, in all respects, I feel much better suited to.



This will still be a creative space, and I’m excited to see how it evolves.

On a related note, I wanted to point out something some of you have probably already noticed. I recently made the decision to close comments. I want to let you know up front that I still respond to nearly every email and Facebook message I get and try to help people with their sewing and pattern-related questions. I consider you all my friends and will continue to support you in any way I can.

As bigger bloggers like Grace from Design*Sponge have noted, comments on blogs really took a nose dive last year. At this point, I’m getting an odd mixture of spam and the occasional troll! However, the thing that pushed me to this decision is that I don’t want to seem like I’m constantly asking for pats on the back. I am hopeful that we can have a better, more two-sided conversation over Facebook, Twitter, or on e-mail.

Thank you to everyone who has cheered me on in this journey. I feel very blessed and optimistic about the future.

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