Catching Up


Hello there. It seems like time to blow the dust and cobwebs off of the blog. It’s been six months between posts which I am pretty sure translates to decades in internet years.

I am not sure where to begin, so I have made a list called “10 Things I Have Been Doing While I Was Not Blogging.”  However, the real reason for my absence is in #10.

  1. Signed copies of Handmade Hostess at Costco
  2. Took fewer pictures and tried to be in the moment more
  3. Wondered if that really worked
  4. Cleaned out the guest room and threw away all evidence that I’m actually a hoarder
  5. Stood by two of our favorite couples as they got married
  6. Congratulated a third friend on her engagement (#yearoftheweddings)
  7. Celebrated the best Christmas I have had in a long time
  8. Fine-tuned my second fabric line
  9. Studied the changing blog landscape and wondered where I fit in
  10. Finished writing a novel

Yes, that’s right. I wrote a (second) book – this time venturing into the world of fiction.

Alas, the blog is not the only thing I have neglected in the big push to the finish. Also: calls from friends, showers, Facebook, coffee dates.

Have you ever had a goal that was greedy, demanding everything you had? This one was like that. I have learned that if you don’t feed the greedy ones, they’ll grow up lopsided and malnourished.

In the meantime, I am still reflecting on #9. Blogging is changing. I am thinking of some new ways to connect more regularly with you, but this will stay my home base. I am very optimistic about 2014. Here’s to creating space for all of the things (and people) who are important to us.

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