6 Random Things I’m Into Right Now


Lately, I have been really into:

Doughnuts on the weekends: Generally, I’m a fairly healthy eater, but I always make an exception for Top Pot doughnuts on Saturday mornings. (It’s not usually a good sign when I start daydreaming about them this early in the week.)

Clearing out space: This video about clutter in American homes scared me to death. I immediately sent it to my sister so we could panic and feel disgusting together. I try to see the objects in my life as tools and get rid of the ones that are not helpful anymore. However, the truth is that managing clutter requires constant upkeep.  It’s easy to let things slide.

I spent the month of December ruthlessly cleaning out my home. I even listed some one-of-a-kind pieces and goodies on etsy. Now, I feel SO much better. Thank you, scary video.

Beauty blogs: At 30+, I JUST learned how to blow dry my hair (with the round brush).  You will either nod in total understanding OR you will shrug and wonder how I could be so lame. I was convinced that with long, super heavy hair it could not be done. Turns out, that’s not true.

My quest began with this book: How to Look Expensive by Andrea Pomerantz Lustig. Don’t let the shallow title fool you. It’s full of excellent advice and a sound message.

Latest guilty pleasure? Watching Emily Noel’s Beauty Broadcast channel on Youtube.

Reading TV Recaps: I am a die-hard fan of Entertainment Weekly and started subscribing to the magazine when I was 15. I regularly read the TV episode recaps – even of the shows I do not actually watch.  This conversation takes place over dinner regularly:

  • Me: Today, I was reading about XXX on…
  • My husband: Let me guess… Entertainment Weekly?

Weekly Skype Calls: Hands down, the best decision I made all last year was to invite a close friend to a weekly Skype call to encourage, support, and challenge each other in the pursuit of our goals. I am planning to get out and network more this year, but I am reminded that connections start by valuing the people who are already in our circles. Anyone can do this!

2014 Goals: I have come across a lot of posts from people who have decided not to write goals this year. I’m not surprised; 2013 was hard on a lot of people. Some met their goals but suffered burn-out.  Others didn’t meet them and wondered “why bother?”

I still believe in writing things down. It takes courage to try again. Every year, my vision is a little clearer. That list of things that didn’t happen? I try to see those as opportunities – to persevere, to pare back, to pray. It’s never the “writing things down” that’s the problem; it’s my focus that may be misguided.

Gosh, this started sounding like a pep rally. I’m sorry.

I sound like this at the beginning of the year. It’s my inner nerd getting excited about new planners and clean slates. I probably need to call a few friends and apologize. I’m sure I’m even more annoying in person!

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