Medicine for Mondays 5.20.13

I have been missing my blog lately. Between my fabric flower class and a trip to Quilt Market last week, things have been really hectic.

Behind the scenes, I have been working on some new content and fresh ideas for this space — and it was good to give things a little extra time to gel. I’ll be rolling out some new columns and branching out a bit more. The weather is summery here today, and it feels good to get moving again!



{Introducing a new weekly column, Medicine for Mondays: If only we could bottle beauty into an elixir and drink our fill each week. This is my weekly reminder to try to see the world with fresh eyes.  A photograph I’ve taken of a beautiful spot. Five things I’m thankful for right this very minute. And 1 question to help jump start my Monday.}


1) Pockets of sunshine this weekend

2) Being home and waking up in my own bed after a trip to Portland

3) My husband hearing the scratching noises in the office and agreeing that a squirrel is living in the wall*

4) Naps

5) Really good, chunky erasers

 *Some days I am just really thankful to learn that I am not crazy.


I’ve had several reminders lately that there is more to me than just work. And yet, too often, I measure my week only by my list of accomplished tasks.

I am really trying to focus on being more well-rounded (thinking about my physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well-being). Self-care is a choice that I have to make about how I spend my time. (Anyone else struggle with that?)

This week, I’m making an effort to try a new form of exercise — yoga. And yes, it made me smile.


What about you?

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  1. pam said

    It was totally great to see you. Frankie was pea green with envy. What made me smile today? Hopping on the treadmill after a week of slacking at market (ha). Getting back to ‘normal’ such as it is, is pretty good, right? Miss you. I really loved chatting with you last week. xo

  2. Jackie said

    that “squirrel” in the wall is probably a rat/ or rats. Get an exterminator to check you house out before there is an infestation. you could get flea and mite infestations from a squirrel or a rat. but a rats will reproduce inside your walls very quickly.
    err on the side of caution!
    i have been through this twice before in two different homes.

  3. Kelly said

    Thanks Jackie. We did have an exterminator. Turns out it was a bird nesting in the siding of the house. :-) All fixed now!

  4. jackie said

    thats great! I’m glad you guys had it checked out.
    love your blog…keep up the great work!