Behind-the-Scenes: Making a Video


This week, I have been busy behind-the-scenes making a video for Handmade Hostess. I always see these cool book trailers on the web, and I thought “why not try to make one myself?

If this sounds fancy, then you are not picturing it accurately at all. There is no budget. No crew. No high-end equipment. No studio loft. This is me with my $99 flip cam and a tripod in my living room. (My sister really lucked out that I moved so far away and can’t rope her into helping.)

I thought I was doing really well on Wednesday until I realized that I had filmed everything sideways. Lucky for me, I had no plans on Thursday so I could just film it all again — not sideways.

This weekend, my husband is going┬áto help with a few of the shots I couldn’t quite get myself. He took a look at what I’d shot so far and said it was “pretty good” which is really the highest form of praise I could get from him. (But I don’t want to oversell it. It’s possible he just felt bad for me because of the sideways footage incident.)


Here are a few things I learned this week:

  • Not having furnished or decorated the living room is very helpful when you want to make a video.
  • The camera adds 10 (20?) pounds. (Also: if you put on a dress and can’t zip up the back, no one will know if you don’t turn around.)
  • If you’re going to put a cupcake in the refrigerator that no one can eat because it’s a video prop, you better have some other type of dessert on hand.
  • Wearing your Christmas dress, socks, and slippers in March will look strange to your neighbors.
  • However long you think it will take to make a video, just go ahead and multiply that by 3.

Seriously though? I’m having so much fun. I can’t wait for you to see it!

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  1. Love the dress comment, ha ha! I’m sure it’s going to be fab!

  2. You’re more awesome than ever, everkelly!