Flowers for Leslie (#bloghug)


Holly of Decor8 had a cute idea recently to thank a blogger who has inspired you — via a #bloghug.

Bloggers have had a huge impact on my whole career direction — I could name a dozen! (But I won’t. It would be #blogoverload!)

Instead, I will say this –

Without blogs, I would never have known about fabric design or book deals or agents. I might not have had the courage to leave my job without reading the stories of people like Alex Beauchamp and Holly Becker who knew there was something better out there for them.

And then there were bloggers who actually picked up the phone and gave me advice when I needed help — even though we’d never met.

Today, I will try to stick to just one – Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint. I have her to thank for that pretty floral arrangement up there even though I barely know Leslie. Isn’t it funny how blogs work like that? A passing moment can make a big impact. We talked for maybe a minute at Holly Becker’s book signing for Decorate in L.A.

Leslie was one of the teachers of Blogging Your Way, and in class, she totally demystified the process of floral arranging for me. Before that, flowers were sort of hit-or-miss. Sometimes, I’d get lucky. Other times, not. Leslie broke it down into a process and encouraged us to try.

I was so lucky to take the class just as I was beginning to work on Handmade Hostess. Fresh flowers were a must for those photo shoots, and I used Leslie’s tips a lot!

Now, every time I put flowers in a vase, I hear her kind, encouraging voice in my head. I am not going to be a professional florist. I made this arrangement up above and thought, I should have left the flowers more room to breath above the lip of the vase.

However, I spent maybe $12 and smile every time I walk into the room. That is a gift I will enjoy using for the rest of my life! Isn’t that what good teachers do for us — give us skills that we can grow and enjoy?

What about you? Is there a blogger or teacher who inspired you or taught you something you’ve always wanted to know? I would love it if you would tell us about them in the comments!

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  1. Oh my, such a lovely post. Kind and generous people like yourself keep me going online. Seriously, this post is so so nice for me to hear. Thank you Kelly and I look forward to reading your book. xo

  2. Lovely people celebrating lovely people. I love it. :) It does seem, sometimes that it is bloggers and their graciousness to each other that is holding any kind of standard of excellence and decency on the internet. What a lovely example and light to put out into the online world.