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Did you know that this is my favorite time of year in blog-land? I love watching people pop back online one-by-one, waking up from their holiday comas and emerging from their fluffy cocoons, freshly unwrapped presents still clutched in their hands.

Everyone seems to have something new to say. All they really needed was a good nap and a few days of totally indulgent behavior, and everyone is all sorted out again.

If only we could remember to pause that deeply throughout the year.

I enjoy reading everyone else’s resolutions (even if they don’t call them that). I love goal setting, possibly too much, and I always refuse to be rushed by this process. The girls (and guys) who show up on January 1st with a well thought-out list and some cute pinterest-worthy photos to match have me in awe a little bit.  But the truth is that I don’t like to hurry these things or make them too perfect. They need to be dug out, excavated from some place deep.  It’s usually messy. I always like to take a little extra time. But I think those are the best dreams – the ones that are unruly and a little wild. You have to let them take shape their own way. They cannot be contained.

Are you doing any January daydreaming of your own? I will be back with an actual list of goals for 2013 soon, but I’m letting this holiday haze slip away slowly. I want to be fully awake for what’s coming next.

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  1. Kelly, I love this post! You’re so right, January is such a month of coming out of cocoons in the blog world. :) You’re also right that breaks are so good for us bloggers. I’m really in a good place right now, despite a hectic holiday season. Filled with goals and energy to pursue them!! XOXO!