January Housekeeping

Home Made Simple has a few more articles of mine up — and these are all about making those January feel-good-clean-up-the-house changes.


Hop on over to read my take on:

  1. How to fold towels. (I ended up doing this in my linen closet and it made SUCH a difference.  The linen closet has a long way to go but refolding everything took about 30 minutes and gave me hope!)
  2. Cleaning pillows.  (Since I am the princess-and-the-pea, none of my pillows last long enough to get all that dirty — but it really made me stop to think!)
  3. Re-using foil. (Now you’re just curious, right? I am not going to lie. My family made fun of me when I asked them to help me brainstorm ideas. I do use #2 all the time.)
  4. Creating unique family wall art. (Tip #4 is how we created our own gallery wall here.)

What are you doing around the house this month to give yourself a clean slate?

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