A Sneak Peek of Handmade Hostess


Last week a very special delivery arrived on my doorstep — an advance copy of my book, Handmade Hostess! The book ships into stores next month and will be available on Amazon on March 16, 2013. The publisher sent early copies to my sister and me.

I tore open the package with butterflies in my stomach. It really is just as beautiful as I had always hoped it would be.


I will admit that I immediately thought who can I show this to?! That’s one of the challenging parts about moving really far away from your family and friends. I wish I could invite all of you over to my house and give you a little sneak peek over tea and cookies.

Well, there are two ways we can almost do that.

First, look inside is now working on Amazon, so you really can peek inside the book.

And second, did you know there is a Handmade Hostess board on Pinterest? Yep! There are a bunch of preview photos from 6 different chapters!  I would LOVE it if you would repin these and help spread the word.


I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I work on PR for the book. It’s not enough just to produce something pretty. It truly is the support and interaction with all of you that gives something like this life. We all have choices these days about where to turn to for inspiration and ideas — and it means a lot that you would come here. Thanks.


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  1. Laura said

    I have been thinking recently about why I like your blog so much. I forgot why I subscribed originally; I follow a lot of craft/home/pretty type things. But at some point, my metaphorical ears began to perk up when a post came across my reader, and I was excited when you moved to Seattle area because that is where I am from. Lately though you are on the short list of blobs I scan for when I look over my list. I think it is because your personality comes across as quite sincere and not conventional. Also, as someone who has never quite had her ducks in a row for more than a fleeting moment, I know that I try so hard to get life running smoothly and beautifully. But like a lot of people who are attracted to aspirational type blogs, I can never quite keep it all together like I want. A lot of the media and the online craftosphere make it look effortless, which can be a bit irritating when I am running around like crazy trying to stretch my budget to the limit getting through the month while keeping up with my demands as a wife and mom and who knows what else. Kelly, you don’t look like you aren’t trying. But you make it look like you are succeeding so hard. And seeing that, beyond the momentary boost of looking at something pretty or cool, makes me feel like that when I try for something similar, it isn’t a wasted effort but rather another step in the right direction.

  2. Congrats! What a pretty book!

  3. Your book looks absolutely gorgeous!! Another one to add to my Amazon wish list :)

    Thank you for sharing!