Holiday Lights


On Saturday, we had a beautiful, clear night and an hour of free time before dinner. We bundled up and headed out to see the Garden d’Lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.

I am totally in love with the way this area pulls out all the stops for the holidays. There are gingerbread displays and holiday light shows everywhere you turn. And, while I have never met a Christmas light I did not like, this was really something special.


Decorated entirely by volunteers, the gardens were decked out with all sorts of flowers, plants, and butterflies.  There was an underwater area with fish, coral, and jellyfish — and a few mushrooms and dragons for good measure.

Of course, I had to study how they were doing all this so I could point it out to my husband and make sure he understood what was expected of him next year. (Everyone should have a one-year grace period between moving in and putting up their Christmas lights, right?)

I leaned in as close to the displays as I could and took a few notes. (Not literally. It was too dark. But you better believe that next time I’m bringing a miner’s helmet and clipboard!)



The displays were made using a really clever method of zip-tying the lights together to form the shapes.  Then, they swapped out individual bulbs to create multicolored effects all on the same strand — like the petals on a flower were pink while the stamen was yellow.  There were red bulbs for the cherry tomatoes right next to the green bulbs for the leaves of the tomato plant.

Genius!  I’m so used to seeing lights wrapped around large wooden forms that this way of creating designs was really inspiring to me. We’ll see what I can accomplish on a much smaller scale.


What about you? Have you been able to take in any holiday sights? Is there something you look forward to seeing every year (a department store window, a street full of lights, a church lit with candles) that takes your breath away?

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  1. beautiful! love the fish! :)

  2. Love this! I also like the white frames on your photos + the ‘like lite-brite for adults’. Germans might have the fun Christmas markets, but -at least in our region- going all out on decorating the house is rare, sadly. A star or candles in the window? yes, anything else? not so much. Thanks for the virtual tour!