Favorite Spots: The Museum of Glass


Earlier this year, we splurged on a second DSLR. Secretly, I think my husband went along with it just so I would not get make-up on his camera anymore. (For more on photography including what lenses we use, see here.)

We both really enjoy photography and for a long time have just done the camera shuffle — passing the camera back and forth and trying to piece together later who took what. Except that his photos are better than mine, and I found myself deferring more and more to him and not getting much time to practice. Anyway, I have no excuses now. Plus the new camera does video and I have big plans for that.


One of the first places we ventured to was the Museum of Glass. This is a great spot for a photo date. The building and outdoor installations are gorgeous, and you can take advantage of those overcast, gray skies which make everything else pop.

We weren’t the only ones who thought so. There was a wedding party taking photos the day we visited. (Note to brides: Giving all your groomsmen matching umbrellas is really cute. Just make sure you’re cool with the inevitable umbrella jousting matches!)

I was not really familiar with Dale Chihuly before we moved here even though I had seen his work and not realized it.  (Perhaps you too have marveled at his glass flower sculptures in the Bellagio hotel in Vegas?)  Here at the Museum, one of the highlights was the Bridge of Glass.  (That photo up top is the view directly over your head as you walk underneath the installation.)

I also really enjoyed these still-life pieces (below) by Paul Stankard.  Each orb featured tiny bees, roots, and even little people.


It’s hard to believe this is only one of a handful of spots to see glass art in this area. We still plan to make the trek here.

[Outside photos courtesy of my husband. We may have 2 cameras, but we still share lenses!]

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  1. The Bridge of Glass is fabulous! The sculptures remind me of jelly fish floating in the ocean – stunning pic!

  2. I love blown glass, and especially admire Chihuly’s work (although he doesn’t actually do much of the blowing anymore). PBS made a documentary about him, if you’re wanting to learn more about your local celeb.

  3. Ooh what a cool place! Congrats on the second camera too! I know my husband would like it if I didn’t always hog ours. :) I saw a Chihuly exhibit in Salt Lake City around the Olympics- so cool!!