Book Review: The Meghan Method


While we hunt for a new place to live, I have been entertaining myself with frequent trips to the library for house hunting inspiration. I am working my way steadily through the decorating and gardening sections and figure that by the time we find a place, I’ll be prepared. Really prepared.  (Quite possibly too prepared.)

The upside is that I’ve found some gems in the library and thought I would share a book review or two. Have you seen this book yet — The Meghan Method?

I came across it on Amazon and was intrigued by the positive reviews. I was pleased to find it at the library — and I have to say, this may be one to add to my permanent collection. The production values are really beautiful. It’s a nice, heavy book — exactly what you would expect from a decorating tome. However, once you flip it open, you realize that this book is different.


It’s not just a collection of eye candy and rooms and people talking about what works for them in their (usually) very expensive homes.  I have a few of those and I love them for their own special reasons.  However, it’s refreshing to find something different.

Instead, Meghan has broken down the decorating/design process into steps and teaches you how to decorate your room in your style.  (Even if you don’t think you have any style.)  She breaks down each step of the process from identifying your aspirations to creating an elevation. She also goes into a lot of detail about the way we assign meaning to items visually (symmetry, pattern, scale, etc.) and how to use that to express exactly what you want the room to convey.

Meghan is very methodical about this. There are 32 worksheets that take you through each step. (Did you read that?  32!  Worksheets!) In fact, I’d say this is the only potential negative. Not everyone can hang in there through all of those steps. I am an extremely methodical person, and Meghan makes me look a little cavalier. I have some friends who I know would be half way finished painting their room by the time I was done with exercise 2.

Now would they love their room as much as I would if I did all 32 steps? I don’t know, and Meghan is really kind and encouraging in her book and would not want us to be competing anyway.  ;-)

Next, she shows you how to go through the process using three room examples including a home office that had me completely jealous.  I would have loved more room examples because they were really well done, so maybe we can ask for those in volume 2.


In the meantime, Meghan has re-launched her blog just a couple of months ago after a long battle with some medical issues.  I wish her a full recovery, because we need more from this girl!  I am a huge fan of anyone democratizing the design and decorating process.

What do you think?  Would you do all 32 steps if you knew it would give you the perfect result?  Now, if we can just find a home so I can practice…

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  1. You can come practice on my “landscaping” any day!

    Of course, now you need to return it before I can check it out. Heehee. No rush :D