Ever Kelly Sewing Patterns

Thank you so much for all of the kind words about the Storybook Lane fabrics! You are getting me excited all over again. I cannot wait to see what everyone is making.

I started up a new flickr pool so be sure and share your projects there — or of course, on everyone’s new favorite — pinterest. If you tag your project with #storybooklane we’ll all be able to find them.

Many people have been contacting me about the patterns, and they are finally here! I am shipping out the first batch of orders to shops on Monday. I can’t wait to get these into your hands. I am working on a list of where to buy the fabrics and patterns. ┬áThat’s coming really soon.


Then, I realized that I had not even shared the final patterns here on the blog@ They now have their own Patterns page. You can click on each one and download the covers. (By the way, I did these website fixes myself, so please let me know if something looks out of whack.)

Ok, I’m off to pack boxes… next week, I’ll give you more of an inside peek!

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  1. byrdflock dad said

    Wowser ! Your site is looking great. I love seeing the enthusiastic responses on the fabrics. Your creativity and hard work are really starting to shine.

  2. Anonymous said

    Ooooo, I love the Falling Star quilt pattern. I’ll definitely be needing to make one of those. All your projects are turning out sooo cute. Good Job :)

  3. pam said


  4. Kelly! This is so very, very exciting! I feel like I’ve been out of touch with what you’ve been up to. Catching up now. I can’t wait to make your Storybook Lane items for my little niece. Do you ever have moments when you look at all you’ve created and think “holy cow, is this real? Did I really do this? ” It seems like just months ago you were talking about how you had vague ideas that you were hoping to translate to a real product. . . but I guess it’s more like 2 years ago. Well anyway – so proud of you and excited for you!

  5. I just talked to you on the phone, Quilt Barn, so I popped over to see your patterns. They are amazing! I can’t wait to get these in. I have 3 girls and will have to make one for each of them.

  6. Oh wow! I’m in love with that playmat quilt! I’d love to know where to buy the pattern and fabric needed for it!

  7. Auntie Pami said

    Absolutely adorable. I hope you don’t mind, but I pinned your fabric. I will have to get some from Kathy @ Pink Chalk!

  8. Marie Eisenhower said

    where can the patterns be purchased? I just ordered the house panels and some other fabrics from one red blossom . But need the patterns. i live in small town PA no where near quilt stores . will you have a downloadable version?

  9. Kelly said

    Thanks Marie! I’ve added a list of shops here.