Quilt Market Heroes (Part 2)

[This is the second half of my Quilt Market Heroes post in which I talk about some of the amazing local quilters and sewists that stepped in and helped me get ready for Quilt Market.]

When I left off, we had talked about Sandie, Yeechi, and Cassie from the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.


Today, I have three more special people to share with you.  First up is Jonah from Belly of a Whale.  Jonah has an absolutely adorable etsy shop full of cute little accessories, girl’s dresses, and bags.  She whipped up a whole stack of pouches in different sizes and shapes, but this tiny little zippered coin purse definitely stole the show.  Everyone had to stop and inspect it!


Jonah also made this wonderful log cabin pillow.  Not only did it coordinate beautifully with the one Cassie made, but it also matched my table base.  I love these unplanned moments of serendipity!


Next is the cuckoo clock quilt by Kelly Wilbur from Anacortes.  This is a free pattern on the Andover web-site, designed by me, but this was the first time I had seen one sewn up in all its glory.  Because our schedules were so tight, Kelly whipped this quilt up lighting fast and mailed it off directly to the show.  When I finally got to see it in person, I was thrilled.


Kelly did such a wonderful job.  Her mother-in-law, Peggy Wilbur, quilted it, and I wish you could see all of the little details like the bird’s wing and the swirls through the borders.  So, so cute and creative!


Last, but certainly not least, is my dear friend Russell Scott-Conte.  Russell runs the Sewing Arts Center in Los Angeles.  It just wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t have something that Russell put his magic touch on, so I sewed an early test version of the Village Play Mat in some Lizzy House fabric (Hello Pilgrim) and mailed it off to L.A. for quilting.


Can you believe he quilted around the butterflies and free handed entire scenes — including  an oak tree?  I am in awe every time I look at it.


Well, that wraps up all of the special projects that other people made for the show.  When I come back, I’d like to share some of the behind-the-scenes details of constructing the booth.  I still owe a proper thank you to the biggest Quilt Market hero of them all — my dad!

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  1. pam said

    Your booth and all the projects were darling, just like you! xoxo

  2. That tree is amazing! I really love the pouches and the colors of your fabric.

  3. you are SO CUTE! I adore you. :)

  4. Kelly Wilbur said

    It was a joy & a privilege to help you & I am so happy to have a new quilty friend to boot!

  5. Joanna said

    Wow, you blow me away with your creativity and talent! I’m so happy for you and all your amazing accomplishments :) And your new friends are awesome too–that star quilt is stunning!

  6. Kelly & all the angels what an amazing joy you all did. Everything just looks so fantastic. So glad it all came together. I know it’s so stressful to get ready.

  7. Kelly, your booth was gorgeous!! So creative and beautiful and interesting! The minute I saw the first photo of it I told my husband you were certain to win an award! Congrats!!