Quilt Market Heroes (Part 1)


When we moved to Seattle earlier this year, I was panicked.  For those of you who have been reading here for a while, I think that it was quite obvious although I did try not to complain or whine too much.  This area is gorgeous.  The people are nice.  It wasn’t Seattle – it was just the circumstances that had me so on edge.

I had 3 months to get settled, finish up my patterns, and prep for Quilt Market.  And I was going to do it all in a city where I knew no one.

Well, it turns out, that Seattle is probably the only city where I could have pulled any of this off.

Enter the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.  I had hoped I could go to a few sew-in’s, make some friends, and find a few people to help sew.  Well, as the weeks ticked by and I missed one meeting and another meeting was cancelled, I realized I was in trouble.  The fabric was on its way, and my sewing help still consisted of my Mom who had started to ask questions like, “so just how many things do we need to make?”  (Bless her.)

At this point, I reached out to Katie who was in the middle of launching her new book and preparing for her quilt exhibit at Island Quilter, but still took the time to point me in the right direction.  And with that and some help from Season — an e-mail went out into the ether, and the cavalry arrived.

People I had never met said, “yes, we will help you.”  They drove out of their way, put other plans on hold, and lent their creativity, their mad sewing skills, their long arms, and their encouragement.  And in the process, not only did I end up with some beautiful samples for the show — but also with some incredible new friends.

So while I struggle to recap my Quilt Market experience, I thought I should just start out by showing you some of the amazing things my Seattle friends made (in no particular order, of course).

Falling Star Quilt sewn and quilted by Sandie of Sleepy Owl Studio:


First up, is the Falling Star Quilt sewn and quilted by Sandie of Sleepy Owl Studio.

I heard SO many compliments on her work at the show.  It was so much fun to meet someone else with a passion for their 60 degree angle ruler and some math.  The quilt is gorgeous, but it’s even more beautiful to me when I think about the 10 minutes she had to finish it.  This pattern goes together well, but there is a LOT of cutting, and Sandie made it look easy.


At the bottom of the photo above you can see a little sneak peak of some of pillows that Cassie from elegantitus made.  The raindrops are her own pattern.

I was already excited about the raindrops, but then she surprised me by making this cute little log cabin pillow with a fussy-cut cuckoo clock in the center.  (And then it turns out that she just so happens to be hilarious and fun, so it’s all really a win-win for me.)

Raindrop and Small Log Cabin Pillows by Cassie from elegantitus:


Village Play Mat sewn and quilted by Yeechi from Glass Snail Crawling:


Next, we have the Village Play Mat (upper lefthand corner) that Yeechi from Glass Snail Crawling made.  She volunteered to test out my pattern even though she had never done fusible appliqué before!  However, one look at her other creations, and I would pretty much trust Yeechi to make anything.  Precision master!  (I’m also trying to get her to share more of her patterns and tutorials with us, because she has some genius construction ideas.)


You’re going to see more on this quilt soon…

I have a few more people to share, but I’m going to save them for the next post.

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  1. Beautiful quilting!! Yeah for new friends!! :)

  2. I love that all these beautiful creations were made from your creativity joined together with the heart and soul of new friends. How fantastic. They are all gorgeous. I love your color palette.

  3. Rachel said

    Wow! Sounds like Mission Impossible. One call out and angels came flying.

  4. WAIT!! Is that a RED–as in second place–ribbon I spotted in the corner? You moved, made friends AND won a prize. Kelly Bird Creel. You are some woman. Brava, friend!

  5. What a huge blessing that so many were so supporting (and TALENTED!!) at such a critical time! Loving these projects and that play mat is genius!

  6. Your designs are lovely and light hearted. Love them! I’ll be sharing a link on Wee Folk Art’s Facebook page. Awesome fabrics!