Storybook Lane Tour: Part 2


Are you ready for the rest of your Storybook Lane tour? (See Part 1 of the Storybook Lane tour here.)

What you may have noticed about the fabric panels – is that all of the houses have inside rooms – a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and a living room so your house can open up and all of your dolls can move inside.


[Photos of sewn items above are prototypes only and not final fabric.  See note here.]

This is where I have been so thankful to Andover for being so patient while I measured and re-measured and tested everything. We wanted you to be able to pick up these fabrics and patterns and get great results every time.

I am so blessed to have my mom helping me test the patterns from her dining room table. Thanks Mom! (And I know a few of you mentioned that you might be willing to test patterns, so if you are still interested, send me a note! We have lot of construction to go around.)

Now, let’s meet the gang:


First we have Alice. Alice is an A+ student and lives with her little white cat in a tidy, Tudor house.


In Alice’s backyard is a carrot patch which attracts a certain mysterious visitor.


Alice’s living room is as neat as a pin – and the perfect place to curl up with a book in front of the cozy fire.


Shall we meet her neighbor?


Goldilocks saw this adorable thatched cottage in the woods and wanted to move right in – and who could blame her?


After she tiptoed past the bee hive out front, she discovered that Baby Bear’s room was just her size and full of cheerful artwork, a banner that Mama Bear made, and snug little bunk beds.


Alice and Goldilocks come with: Mama Bear, Baby Bear, Rapunzel, a Princess, Her Knight in Shining Armor, and a Witch.


Tomorrow, is Part 3 and the last stop on our tour!

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  1. Couldn’t be cuter!

  2. These are so whimsical and darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. adorable!

  4. I love all the detail and imagination you incorporated into every piece. So lovely!

  5. OMG you know I love the Alice collection!! These are fantastic!

  6. Love all the details and illustrations. I think my youngest would love that Goldilocks!!!

  7. Dana said

    I love all of the details, especially the shadow rabbit. Wonderful!

  8. Jane told me I just had to come over here and see how you have built this story into a product. I love, love, love it. It is something I would have attempted to make for my little sister in high school. I just know it!

    Huge congrats on following this dream. I especially love the rabbit in those carrots. What a touch.

  9. I so love these panels! Congrats on a beautiful final product! If you still need testers, I’d be happy to help, just email me!

  10. Lauren said

    Nice revival item. We used to make these fabric doll houses in the early 80′s for our kids. Is there where you got the idea from? Very cute.