Designer Interview: Cynthia Mann


[I just returned from Quilt Market, a fabric trade show in Houston, where my debut line with Andover Fabrics was previewing.  I had the chance to interview a few other talented designers + am so happy to share their incredible words of wisdom and encouragement while I am traveling again this week.  I hope you enjoy!]

I first met Cynthia Mann a few years ago when she was first launching her own organic fabric company, Birch Fabrics.  It has been such a treat to watch her business grow, and she is still the same warm, down-to-earth person I remember from that first conversation.  I consider her one of the smartest business women in the business, so it was a treat to pick her brain a bit.  (Check out her blog for more great photos of the booth.)  Here’s Cynthia –


What are you most excited to be showing off at this Quilt Market?

I’m really excited for our new collection, “Commute,” which comes out in January.


What keeps you inspired?

Seeing things that are made with the fabrics — what people are sewing.  Getting ideas for things people can use for today’s sewing and quilting.  Thinking about whether or not the fabric will be for sashing or binding or the trim on a dress.  The best designs are always inspired by the end use.

What one piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to pursue their own creative dream?

Never let criticism get in the way.  Stay true to your design aesthetic.

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  1. Thanks do much Kelly! It was great to see you again, and I adore your new collection!