Organizing the Studio (again)


If you’re following me on twitter, you may have heard me mention that I’m doing that thing where you run out of space and decide to buy a bunch of bins.  Lucky for me, I have a husband who sees right through this tactic, so I had to make a very good case about how I was going to use them before he would agree to it.  I do not claim to have it all figured out yet, but looking at this pile of tubs and dividers gives me some hope.

I’m knee deep into my next project, so I’m not sure when I’ll squirrel away the time to arrange everything.  However, I’m getting some very strong nudges from the husband department in that direction – so I am thinking it will be sooner rather than later.  I’m planning to try this fabric storage method and see if that helps with the chaos going on in the big gray wardrobe. (Anyone with fabric storage tips?  Would love to hear them!)

Every time I’m arranging fabric, I think about that day when some bolts of my very own will arrive.  (In the future, people!  One day!)  But it’s good to leave a little spot for them, right?


I have paper wrangling issues, too.  I used a gift card and picked up this acrylic file holder on sale at The Container Store.  I am still a hopelessly old school – pencil to paper - kind of girl when it’s time to plan.  All of my designs start out on sheets of recycled computer paper.  I have a few nicer sketchbooks too and I do use them, but I still like the freedom of a fresh piece of paper that isn’t attached to anything.

I don’t even want to bring up the photo studio I’m trying to build in here either.  The room is big, but not that big.  This is definitely a multitasking space.  Now to get back to earning my keep…  more soon.

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  1. My office has to seriously multitask too. This fabric storage idea looks awesome…maybe I should do that. Right now I’m just doing stacks of folded fabric. Good luck!

  2. So with you on using paper from the recycling bin to do all my thinking and planning. LOL. If it helps any, I’m still working on my workspace. :)

  3. I do have an organizing blog (my studio solutions blog) that might help. I offer lots of inspiration, ideas and tips focussed on arts and crafts studios. I also post lots of links to other bloggers who have found solutions for storing a multitude of supplies. It looks like you have a plan in mind though. Best of luck.

  4. Just last night I set up two more storage boxes I picked up at Ikea…I ‘needed’ 2 more, ha. It’s bad -it’s hard to concentrate on editing if all the sewing stuff is out, but it’s hard to do the sewing if the editing books are still out. Order is everything in my multi-tasking office, so I totally get you!

    I like the folding technique you linked to. I have mine stacked on Billy bookshelves, so I need to try this to tidy it up more. I’ve seen fabric also hung on those pant/skirt hangers, so maybe a mini closet??

    yeah – totally use scrap printer paper to doodle project ideas and lists…on the back of medical research articles…bi-polar paper! =P

  5. I’ve been working on my studio too-since Saturday, and I’m hoping to get my very large sewing project done next week. I’ll post pics!!

  6. Good luck with the organizing. I am growing out of my space at lightening speed.