Why doesn’t my bed look like this? (the last 5)

Bedding_cirrus [Image of Cirrus Bedding from Anthropologie]

[the last 5 is a series of posts about tackling unfinished decorating projects and adding your own personal touches to a room.  Find out how it all started here.]

I have decided that I really like confessing my decorating sins to you.  It’s cathartic, and you all make me laugh about it.  So today, I’m going to ‘fess up about another problem I’m having in the hopes we can have a little group therapy session.  Last time, it was the attack of the cute.  This time it’s the bed.

I have shown a few glimpses of our bed here and here, and I am thinking you probably didn’t guess just how strategically I was taking that photograph so as not to show you the grim reality.  My duvet cover and sheets are just too small!  (See photo of “sad bed” below.)


So here are the problems: (for those of you who are sight-impaired and/or too kind to notice or “those just so distracted by the thought of having white bedding and muddy children/pets” AKA “my sister”)

  • The duvet cover is too small.  Or my mattress is too big.  How come the duvet does not cover the end of the bed?  I’ve tried sliding it down so the top of the duvet cover is 1/3 of the way down the bed, but this seems to look a little bit sad and lumpy with a fluffy down comforter.  I find this whole thing borderline depressing.  I want to find more pillows and accessories for this room, but I would like to start off with great, simple bedding that works.  I went to several stores to see how they were arranging the beds for their displays and realized that half the time, they are not even displaying a full bed!  It’s more of a half-bed display-thing that makes the bedding look awesome and fluffy.  (Cheaters.)
  • The sheets are just not deep enough for our super fluffy mattress.  It’s a little hard to see in the photo, so I’ve taken an even worse picture for you.

The Even Worse Picture:


  • And lastly (yes, there’s more): our duvet cover is open at the end.  It’s been on my “to be fixed” list for months now, and I’m really going to do it this time.  (That’s why we’re having this group therapy meeting.)  I’m trying to decide between buttons (which kind of drive me nutty on duvet covers) or ties (which might be ok, but could just draw more attention to the “short bed syndrome”).

Unsightly oozing of duvet cover:


So now I want to hear from you! Anyone else suffering from bedding disappointments?  Why do they label these things King, Queen, Full, etc. if they don’t really fit your bed?!  All of you master stylists, I want to hear the tricks of the trade.  It makes me wish that Holly at decor8 made house calls.  And it’s ok, if I’m really the only one, you can tell me.  Sometimes a little dose of tough love is needed.

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  1. You are cracking me up. I don’t know a thing about duvet’s.. I like the old fashioned two sheet kind of bed that’s all tucked in, and a puffy feather comforter is way too hot to me.. so I have made a number of quilts for the bed. I like the white bed look also, so use a white chenille bedspread that is long enough to go over the mattresses but not hit the floor. I don’t have a dust ruffle anymore -the dogs use under the bed as a hideout and the constant coming and going left a lovely dirty spot at their favorite access point. My side and the side you can see from the door of course. I can have the quilt out flat or folded, and always make it bigger so when washed it hangs over the mattress at the very least!
    Not that I’m an expert for sure.

  2. Well first of all, your headboard is absolutely lovely! Secondly, I usually buy one size up for duvets (we have a queen bed, but a king sized duvet).

  3. I’m not an expert either but I am intrigued by the duvet clips, as seen in this post from YHL:

    I kind of have the opposite problem; our bedding is too big. We bought king sized blankets for our queen bed b/c I didn’t want the coverlet to be too short. It worked fine when we had our bed on risers but now that it’s lower, it doesn’t look as great. Hopefully we’ll upgrade to a king after our tax return. . . .

  4. Our bedding has issues, which my husband has been pointing out to me with increasing frequency. I’m starting to get the hint that he wants me to search for a solution. At the moment we simply have off-white sheets, one off-white fleece blanket, one pink fleece blanket (both of which were originally reserved for guests), and two threadbare quilts that I have had for an embarrassing number of years. We had a dustruffle but I never found it when I was unpacking so you can see the boxspring. Our pillow cases don’t match each other or the sheets (or the blankets). Wow. It really is sad. No wonder hubby keeps bringing it up.
    Shortly after we moved in we did frame an assortment of beautiful and interesting things that my husband collected overseas and we even hung them up! These were two huge accomplishments for us. So the bedroom walls look great. I suppose I’ve been dragging my feet about the bedding because I want to do justice to the rest of the décor but don’t really know where to start.
    My mom even got into the act lately and has started sending me magazine photos and even white sale flyers as if this will motivate me.

  5. I’m dying! Love it! (can I say those 2 things in a row? =P ) Seriously though… I’ve been there! I think Land’s End offers really deep fitted sheets, you might want to check that out. As far as duvet closures… I have buttons and hate them. I have one with a zipper which makes me feel cheap every time I zip it, but honestly, it looks the best of all of them. Ties make me mental and tickle my toes (I’m way too tall). When we got married we got a queen size down duvet that seems to be slightly ‘over sized’ from Macys. I love that thing! It always seems to hang over just enough both on our old US bed and our (hate it) Ikea Malm here in Germany. Maybe get a bigger comforter…if you have a King you could get a California King. Also, duvet covers are never easy to find and I am thisclose to sitting down and making my own…except I only like flannel and I have no idea where to buy that much flannel here!

    Also, here’s a great tutorial I just saw yesterday for that very Anthro duvet from Made by Lex (you would love her blog btw!): http://www.madebylex.com/2010/11/anthropologie-cirrus-duvet-tutorial.html

    btw- love the headboard and bunny slippers! =P

  6. How funny! I had the same exact bedding picked out from Z Gallerie, and I also found it at Target for quit a bit cheaper. It’s beautiful! I was hoping to get it for Christmas, but maybe my birthday? =D

  7. I hear you on this one.

    After going through a breakup, I decided it was time for all new bed stuff. (out with the old and all….) After looking everywhere, I ended up getting a down comforter from overstock.com for $50, and I’ve been happy with it – but I have a full bed, and all comforters/duvets come in full/queen, so it’s the right size for my bed, but would probably be too small for a queen. They do list measurements on all of them, though, so that might help to figure out sizing.

    My mattress is sadly thin, so I don’t have the deep sheets problem. I have the opposite – sheets are now too deep for my bed, by a long shot. Oh well.

    As for the closure, I ended up getting one of the nicer IKEA duvets, and it has snaps – you can’t really see them like buttons or ties, which I like, but they are close enough together to not allow for the pooching effect. Might be worth looking at those, if only to get ideas. Or let me know and I can take you a glamour shot of mine.

  8. I agree with Emily, the Ikea Duvets prevent the pouch quite well. I’ve been ogling the West Elm pintuck duvet for a year. Its finally on sale, but the reviews all say it tears like paper. I found a tutorial to make your own, and a clearance plain duvet. I plan to stitch my own pintucks and knock off the Pottery Barn Duvet system. They have ties on the inside corners of the duvet cover that you can tie to the corners of the duvet to keep everything snug and centered instead of puddled in the middle or the bottom. Good luck!

  9. Kelly said

    You guys are the best! I am going to reflect on all of these great suggestions. I promise to share the “after” version too, but I might have to save up some $$$ first. It sounds like an upgrade (or at least a different size) is in order! @Joanna – I love that your mom is clipping fliers for you. :-)

  10. Melissa said

    I agree with the above. Duvets usually come in Full/Queen, so when I had a full bed it worked, but when I upgraded to queen, it was too short. I now keep my duvet cover under my comforter. I like the uniformity of a 8-piece comforter set. :) Neither of us like using a flat sheet (which was very cute when we discovered that similarity!), so just sleeping with the fitted sheet and comforter kinda grosses me out, because you can’t wash a comforter regularly. So…we take the comforter off the bed at night and sleep with the duvet. It’s hidden during the day, so I don’t have to worry about it not being the right size.

    However, my duvet cover and my duvet seem to be different sizes, and it drives me batty!!! :)

  11. Kelly, you’ve uncovered a hidden household TERROR! The damn duvet and sheets. Ack! I get the oozing duvet out of its cover too, and I’ve thought about buying a kitten or monkey for the sole purpose of training it to correct that problem daily. But then, a zipper might work just as well, especially if it’s hidden on the inside (like they do, tricky-like, with the buttons?).

    Love those bunnies!

  12. Ok, I admit, with 2 young kids and a black great dane the concept of an entirely white bed totally freaks me out…..thus, why mine is dark brown- lol!
    It’s your comforter! You need a bigger comforter, which will also solve your sheet problem, since you will only see the very top of the sheet. Also, I like to have my bed skirt about 2 inches off the floor. It makes the bed look less heavy. But…since I hide stuff under mine, I don’t follow my own logic :)

  13. You made me feel so much better about the current state of my bedroom! (Just realized that might sound like I mean because yours is bad–not at all–just that yours looks “normal” as opposed to all the bedding catalogs I’ve just been paging through…) I’ve been drooling over the West Elm Parachute cover, but can’t quite convince myself to take the plunge because reviews on its longevity seem to be mixed, and I’ve had my current duvet cover for about 7 years and would rather not have to shop again much sooner than that.

    Something that might help as a short-term fix would be white sheets–then, you won’t have quite so much contrast going on. It’ll just be a bit more serene, I think. I have the opposite color scheme in my room right now–brown duvet cover, white sheets–and I’m definitely leaning towards an all white bed.

    I can’t wait to see how you tackle this!

  14. I don’t know how I missed this…
    but yes, I think your bedroom needs a little love.
    (She says, in the nicest possible of ways.)
    :) I’m sure you’ll come up with a fabulous solution!

    I think the best way to go is to make a custom duvet cover. I hate when a duvet is too small to adequately cover the bed!

  15. Jill said

    I have the same problem!! We have a king Tempur-Pedic mattress and box. The king duvet does NOT cover the box I have bought a coordinating fabric to add to the sides of the bed. I put batting in it to give it the look of the down insert. I bought decorative trim to place on top of the seam between the duvet and the new fabric. Hopefully it all turns out beautiful!

  16. Candace said

    I have a king sized bed and a king sized duvet and down comforter and white sheets and I have the SAME problem I wish I could take a picture and upload it… its soo similar… and my pickle is I cant move up a size not to mention we just dropped some major $$$$ on our current situation… Im thinking about finding some kind of cute blanket or comforter and use my duvet at the end of the bed… sooo frustrating!!

  17. Lil said

    Ok so we’re clearly not alone here. we just spent a fortune on a new bedroom set and a Kingsdown super comfy matress all in king size and i couldnt wait to set up the new room. When i put the duvet on, I was extremely disappointed to see that it didnt fit and you can see the of the matress and the bed rails. Is there no solution for a king bed with a good, high mattress??

  18. pollywannaquacker said

    I’ve been searching for a perfectly sized duvet and down insert for forever. I am a bedding lover and love looking at the perfectly staged beds in department stores.Well, I have to agree, they must be staging half sized beds, because none of the stuff fits an actual sized bed, or covers two people who want to sleep under it!

    I just don’t understand who came up with the standard measurements. If you get a full/queen it will NEVER fit your queen bed. If you happen to get lucky and actually find a queen duvet, it might look ok (it’ll never cover the sides fully, though) and if you get a king for your queen… well, then it’s laughably long on the sides and still too short at the end!

  19. Your “real life” photo made me feel so much better about my situation! I too cannot find anything to fit my king sized bed correctly, so for now, hubby and I sleep under separate random blankets and I never make the bed, lol.

    Let me tell you what I did with the queen size in my guest room though. I was so frustrated because the comforter didn’t seem long enough for the bed, so first I upsized to a king size duvet to cover the sides better (my mattress sits REALLY high). Then, to cover the bottom better, I simply pulled it down to where I wanted it to be, then did like a Pottery Barn wannabe thing with the top of it and folded it down along with the sheet, and threw some big fluffy pillows up top to cover the space where the fitted sheet shows if that makes sense. I’m not done, but my wallet is until further notice. Eventually, I’d like to add a coordinating quilt underneath to fold down with it instead of the top sheet. I’d also like to add a cute throw to break up the pattern towards the bottom of the bed (“casually” placed….perfectly, lol) and maybe add a neck roll pillow or some other accent pillow at the top.

    Whew, LOTS of explaining, I hope that all made sense. Eventually, I’ll be doing a before and after with the bed, but it may be a little while. Best of luck and I’d love to see what you come up with!

  20. ML Cashel said

    All of the same issues here – king size bed, king sheets and a very sad king size duvet. I have much frustration over the fact that there apparently is no proper fitting duvet. Right now our bedroom is so small, you can’t really see the left side of the bed unless you are practically in it – so I cheat and just pull it down (cover the top with lots of pillows) and over to the right. But we will soon be moving into a new home with a great master bedroom. I have no idea what I will do. Our new bedroom suit will have a foot board….hoping it will cover the end of the bed.

  21. Beverly said

    I finally found a Full/Queen duvet cover that fits the bed beautifully but my insert is smaller than the cover. It’s a Springmaid from Target. Full/Queen is 90″x94″. What I’m going to do is tie/pin duvet where I want it and sew a seam down each side of the cover. By the way if you ever get a chance try a silk filled duvet. It’s much more comfortable than a down duvet and it doesn’t get in the way if you watch TV in bed. It sort of conforms to the contours of your body. You can buy them in three different weights – spring, summer, and fall. If you are in a really cold climate you can double up fall and spring to make a winter. BUT it doesn’t make that puffy bed that’s so luscious. Just my 2¢ worth.

  22. Kate said

    Ugh, thank you for posting this! I am having the same problem. For the second time dropped some major $$$$ on nice bedding for my King bed and the dang duvet barely covers both sides of the bed. I looked at the dimensions for a Cal King and it is actually narrower than the regular King so would be worse! I sent in a complaint to Restoration Hardware asking why they do not cut their duvets big enough to actually fit a bed like they do in all of their catalog photos. I have looked at so many retailers and cannot find one that is bigger. Is the only solution to get something custom made? That is ridiculous! You would think someone would have caught on to this need in the market! I don’t understand why even nice brands which presumably pay attention to design, detail and quality in their other products do not do this for their duvets. RH sent a thanks for your comment we will forward it to the relevant team, but I won’t hold my breath for any changes soon!

  23. Karen said

    Geez, pressed the wrong key and my comment disappeared! Just wanted to say I have a Queen bed and have to buy King size flat sheets for the top as there is no way of tucking in a Queen sized sheet for a Queen bed…..what’s with that? I bought a King sized duvet and cover and it hangs about two-three inches off the floor on either side BUT same as you does not hang low enough at the end. Just who comes up with the measurements for this bedding…..annoying! Good luck with your bed.

  24. Marcy said

    I have been moaning about the same problem every time I make my bed. They really need to stop doing the full/queen thing and do just a queen that really fits a queen! A queen is bigger than a full so why would one size work equally well on both? I am sure it all boils down to money, it is cheaper to do the one size and short fit the queen.

  25. Kelly said

    @Marcy – I am 100% with you! I feel like a “True Fit” Bedding Company is a business opportunity that someone should jump on!

  26. Carolyn said

    I am SO relieved to read these posts! I have literally spend DAYS trying to find the right duvet cover on line, and they are all the same (queen) size that is currently on the bed, and it looks EXACTLY like Kelly’s–does NOT make me happy to make my bed in the morning.

    It seems that the best solution at the moment is to buy the king for the queen, then fold back the top part so that the mattress is covered at the bottom. NO ONE should have to do this!

    What can these companies be thinking? When they show the duvets in pictures, the mattress isn’t hanging out! I just purchased a duvet cover from Target (Simply Shabby–appropriate name, btw) because its dimentions are 88×94–NO improvment, so it’s going back.

    If any of you find a correctly fitting duvet cover, PLEASE pass the info along–

  27. Trace said

    I just bought a duvet and cover and put it on. Same story. I even tried turning it sideways. So frustrating. Please let me know if you find a place with oversized comforters for deep mattresses.

  28. Trace said

    Oh, and they were from IKEA. :-(

  29. s2 said

    Great – My bed looks the same. A king size bed with what seems to be a mini king duvet and cover.
    I am horrified no post seems to have found a source for a proper sized king duvet!
    I’ll chime in with Carolyn – PLEASE tell us all if you find something!

  30. Christin said

    You are my people! I have the same problem, king size Kingsdown, king duvet from Ikea and duvet cover from Hotel Collection bought at TJ Maxx. All I see is box spring and frame lol. I don’t want the old style dust ruffle due to allergies and my cat who will certainly make it furry lol. I’ll keep you posted if I come up with a solution.

  31. Kelly said

    I still get the best comments on this post + it is so nice to feel I am not alone! A little update: we have a queen-sized bed so we upgraded to a king-sized duvet cover and that has definitely helped in the master bedroom. I have not found any over-sized bedding lines anywhere so I don’t know what to suggest to those of you with a king-sized bed. If someone does, please share! In the guest room we have a queen-sized comforter on a queen-sized bed, but we intentionally bought a bed from Ikea that would hide the bottom parts of the mattress.

  32. Donna said

    I nice to see that I am not alone either. I have a queen in my guest bedroom that looks ridiculous when the bed is made. My comforter with its duvet cover does not fit the bed, I also have a queen quilt that does not fit either. When I pull them up to the top of the bed its short on the end of the bed just like in your photo. Like a previous poster said…buying a king size won’t help because then the sides will be too long and you will still have the end too short. It seems that all bedding is made for beds with footboards.

  33. Lauren said

    You have the duvet on wrong. Turn it 90 degrees. The length of the duvet is suppose to cover the width of the bed, coming up to just below the pillows/shams. Notice how the first photo (not your bed) or any other photo displaying a bed doesn’t cover the top 10 inches or so of the bed. Problem solved.

  34. Lauren said

    …I know it’s tempting to want to place the duvet to mirror the dimensions of your bed, but that’s not how duvet’s are designed. They’re suppose to be wider than they are longer, covering the sides, the end, and leaving room for pillows.

  35. Di said

    Lauren is absolutely right. For the pillow space layer with king size pillows, european pillows, throw pillows and even standard size pillow…looks amazing. You get that styled look. You can also layer the top sheet and a blanket folded down and tucked! Potterybarn has some good quality bedding.

  36. Cassandra said


    Brilliant! I am embarrassed that I never thought of turning the duvet, but problem solved. Thank you for posting!!

  37. Mary said

    I have this problem too! It’s been bugging me for years.

  38. Anonymous said

    Well, that solves the lenght problem, but not the with problem. The sides of the mattress and box are still visible.

  39. Anonymous said

    The Company Store sells “Supersized” comforters that would hopefully address the “king size bed with two people sleeping underneath blankets but only one person ever covered” problem that we have in our home :) I am saving up, as they are not cheap.

  40. Sheila McCurley said

    Hi, the Company Store online has Oversized Duvets for King size beds. Length 98 inches.

  41. Tom said

    Obviously the issue is with the “standard sizes” used for all bedding. A king size Duvet or comforter or quilt are all basically 104″ long (head to toe) by 96″ wide. If a king mattress is 80″ long by 76″ wide this gives you 24″ of hang at the feet IF you only just pull your comforter up to the top of the mattress. What is worse is the paltry 10″ of hang on each side of the mattress, which does not even cover today’s big fluffy mattresses. Of course EVERY manufacturer or store shows the picture of the offending cover hanging NEARLY to the ground regardless of whether it’s Twin or King… WTH????

  42. Becky said

    I’ve recently helped both my daughters in their new apartments with bedding. We ended up buying king sized duvet covers and the king fillers. They fit great on their queen beds. Now I have ended up with their queen duvets as I have one full bed in the guest bedroom. BUT, I am currently left to figure out our king sized bed….I cannot get the same great fluffy look!! I am thinking to take an older chenille bedspread(which is extra big in length and width as it is made to come to the floor) and make it a duvet cover. I thought maybe I could take a king size flat sheet to use as the backing, but alas…no that would be too logical…that flat sheet does not come down far enough to cover, but I guess it will make a good pattern for the material I will have to buy ….now…will the chenille fray too much to make this work….I don’t want to cut one up and it not work…I will have lost my bedspread and still no duvet cover…any thoughts from some sewers out there?

  43. z said

    1st world problems…

  44. Shayna said

    Tom has it wrong, no offense Tom. A duvet that’s 104 x 96 is 96 inches long! The 104 inches is the width and will fit down the sides of the king bed.

    I believe the duvet is meant to fall equally around the bottom three sides of the bed and folded down at the top with underlayers, like the top sheet and additional quilts, folded with it and appearing as layers.

  45. Nancy Jones said

    If you have a Queen Bed get a Queen Duvet Cover not a full/ queen; found mine at Home Outfitters. As for the Duvet cover go one size up to a King. This combination gives you the coverage you need to hide the mattress and avoids having too much duvet hanging over the sides, weighing down your body and hindering movement while you sleep. I center the duvet and clip the corners of the duvet to the top and bottom of the Duvet Cover leaving equal space on each side. Works great! Queen beds rule; Kings just complicate things.

  46. Jeanette Burghy said

    Ok, same basic problem. New bed with wood frame all around. The mattress sits up super high. I bought a king quilt at Company store and it doesn’t even reach down to the top of the wood frame. The blanket underneath hangs out. I thought of a bed skirt placed inside the frame, but it looks to me as if it will hang way off the floor, since the box spring is so high. I might just pull it over on one side, since the other side of the bed is not visible from the door. This drives me crazy, though!

  47. Theresse said

    Ha – so true Z! But while this stranger agrees with you about all this pettiness/materialism, I at the same time confess to LOVING a good cozy beautiful bed. I may go to Hell for it, but I most soytenly do!! ;) Maybe that’s cause I love sleeeep (something I should be doing right now).
    Anyway I agree that the duvet can’t sit under the pillow area of the bed, and I agree that it’ll look great if you put a bunch of nice pillows there. Mine’s a king and I do two standards against the headboard (I sleep best when I have a kind and a standard), then two kings (just looks more uniform and less cluttered that way and the standards help prop the kings up a bit, then I do 3 euro pillows which are propped up against the kings (although occasionally I reverse them and put the euros behind the king). I decided 3 euros or even 1 centered look better than 2 on a king (mine anyway). And then in front of those I put one throw pillow of some kind (square, lumbar pillow or bolster). I used to buy cheaper bedding just cause it was CHEAPER but then I eventually broke down and bought the good stuff. Not good-good stuff (nothing italian or french) but e.g. Pottery Barn over JC Penney or Target. Or even Macy’s high thread count egyptian or pima/supima ones. I got one of those by Martha Stewart which is actually my favorite re. comfort. They feel soooo smooth and cool and dreamy. I eventually “invested” in more expensive down pillows too and a better-made down comforter (not by leaps and bounds, but a little higher than the cheapest stores) and between the perfect down EVERYTHING and the most silky smooth cool sheets…ahhhhhh…I don’t know why I waited so long! My pillows’ covers that go under the pillow case are 51% silk and 49% cotton and it seems to make a really big difference with how cool my pillows feel and how well they behave. They’re also the perfect thickness and have lasted a long time in perfect condition. They’re 1300 thread count “siberian white goose down” and they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to my bed bar none (got them at Overstock years ago and they’re no longer available there but just look up those specs). The difference for all these nicer items combined is probably about $300.00 more for everything combined, not including the coverlet. That’s new to me too – I decided my bed looked like it was missing something until I bought the perfect coverlet for the end of it. I hate to plug PB again but what I like about this coverlet from there is that it’s velvet on one side and a silk-cotton blend on the other so you can have whichever one you’re in the mood for. :) Now my bed is a bit more like something you’d see in a catalog (sort of – it’ll never be as nice as some) and I just have to come up with a new paint color for my walls! But that’s a whole ‘nother topic. My other bed secrets are a tailored bed skirt (they come in 2 sizes so measure distance to determine which size to get – I personally think they look silly when too short), lots of the same color on the bed (e.g. lots of white – maybe not all monochrome but lots of the same feels more soothing to look at) and sometimes I just pull my comforter over a bit on the side you see the most when you first walk in the room if it’s not long enough in one way or another. At night I just shift it back to the middle.
    Wow – sorry for writing a book!!!

  48. Marilyn said

    My problem is with the king sized down comforter. There are 12″ x 12″ boxes stitched into the comforter with each cell having its own fill. With two people sleeping on each side, pulling, tugging, wrestling with the comforter, the sides get kind of smushed down, leaving the cells down the center much fluffier. Therefore when the bed is made there’s A BODY-SIZED lump down the middle of the bed. I’ve shook it, squashed it, used a king sized pillow to rrroll it north, south, east, west, north-northwest, etc. I’ve flipped it, flopped it, cussed it – still the body-like thing converts the flat surface of my bed into a side view of the continental divide. Anyone got a thought??

  49. Laura Adams said

    So funny! My daughter recently told me about visiting the master bedroom of the parents of one of her close friends, during a play-date for their little ones. The bed was dreamy – puffy and welcoming, like a big pillow. When she asked her friend’s mom how she got her bed to look like that, she said, “Oh, I have three -(THREE!!!) – down duvets stuffed inside the duvet cover!” They don’t sleep with all that on top of them, but she makes her bed every day with that cloud of down, just because she likes the way it looks. She got the idea from a decorator, who told her that’s what they do in photo shoots of beds. Tricks…it’s all tricks.

  50. Ellie said

    I’m also confused and frustrated re my bedding… I upgraded to a Cal King memory foam mattress then bought a “King” duvet at Costco (they did not have “Cal King”). After that I searched and searched stores, online, for a duvet cover (hard to find!). I bought Target’s “Shabby Chic” King size. I think the duvet cover doesn’t fit the duvet and those 2 don’t fit the mattress size right….I think Shabby Chic has to go back to Target…sorry because I so wanted a nice, pretty bed!

  51. Jane Doe said

    You bought a cheap duvet cover – better quality ones cover the bed – same with your down comfortir!

  52. Dip said

    It’s sideways you dolt