Fall Market Recap: Patty Young + Pillow & Maxfield


I have two more designers to share with you today from the Fall Quilt Market in Houston.  I’m trying to wrap these all up by Sunday since I have a couple of fun projects to share with you next week, and I’m ready for some holiday planning.  However, I don’t want to skip over any favorites!

In my opinion, Patty Young of modkid boutique always has one of the most photogenic booths at Quilt Market.  I’m not sure if it’s the light wood flooring or just the way she arranges the poster-sized photos and pattern samples, but everything always pops.  (Can you tell that I’m in student mode at the show – always trying to dissect what is working and why?)


Patty was introducing her new line, Sanctuary, with a booth that evoked images of the spa.  (Patty Young has a fun and informative behind-the-scenes post on Quilt Market booth set-up here.) I am starting to think that someone should recruit Patty to design and decorate model homes.  Last time, she made a child’s bedroom that looked ready to live in, and I think a family could use this spa as their living room.  (Are you with me – or is this crazy talk?)  I am starting to wonder how she would arrange the master bedroom — or maybe we can ask for a kitchen!


It’s all about the fabrics and sewing patterns though, isn’t it?  This line is really beautiful and I think it works so well across a variety of different projects.  It was fun to see some knits and adult sewing patterns (yay!).  However, I think my favorite will always be the Kyoko dress — this time in a sweet and soft color scheme:


After soaking up the spa-like vibes, I headed over next door to talk to the fun ladies of Pillow & Maxfield with their new collection, Gypsy Bandana.


The super saturated, citrus-like colors worked so well here.  I wanted to curl up on that bench with all of the pillows and drink a lemonade.


I also really liked the blue lounge pants (below).  I think this is such a clever use of the border print and gives the pants a bit of a Moroccan flair.  This trend seems to be popping up all over, so these ladies are spot on once again.


Today, I’m back at the sewing machine after a little break.  Reflecting on all of these pictures can almost be inspiration overload, so it feels good to step away and get some fabric in my hands.  I’m going to find something nice to listen to and let my mind wander a bit.  Wishing you a happy, productive day, too.

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  1. Wonderful recap, Kelly! Your pictures are always amazing. Thanks so much for your kind words. Hope you had a great time at the show!


  2. Anne Maxfield & Val Pillow said

    Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for your energetic description and thoughts!
    We hope you are feeling inspired!
    The show was terrific and it was good to see you again!
    Best wishes,
    Anne Maxfield and Val Pillow