DIY Cloud Wall Hanging (Tutorial)


A few years ago, the Purl Bee posted a great tutorial on using embroidery hoops to display your favorite fabrics.  I’ve seen so many cute examples of people creating display areas with embroidery hoops and mixing in personal touches like silohouettes, applique, and well, actual embroidery.  I decided to make my own version with a little twist — an embroidery hoop cloud.

Here is the original version from the Purl Bee so you can see where it all started:

swatchportraits2 (Photo Credit: the purl bee)

To make the cloud version, I rounded up the following materials:

  • three embroidery hoops in different sizes
  • a dremel tool with rotary cutting blade (a small handsaw would work, too) + protective eye goggles
  • a pencil
  • masking tape + scissors
  • fabric – I used the reverse side of some creamy white corduroy.
  • batting (optional)
  • hot glue gun

Here’s what to do:

1.  Place and cut your hoops: Arrange your embroidery hoops into a cloud shape and decide where the hoops will overlap.  Mark these places with your pencil.  In order to preserve the hoop’s stability, I made sure that I was cutting each hoop in only one place.  Use your dremel tool with rotary cutting blade to slice through each hoop at the junction points.  (Don’t forget your eye goggles!)  Here you can see my hoops after they have been cut.


2.  Tape hoops together: Cut strips of masking tape approximately 4″ long and wrap tape securely around each junction point.  (You’ll need a minimum of two pieces of tape for each intersection, because you want your tape to cross.)   Here’s a close up of the tape after it’s been wrapped securely around the embroidery hoop.  No one is going to be doing pull ups on these, so don’t worry if it’s not that sturdy.  Once you glue the fabric in place, the hoop will be even more stable and secure.


3.  Prepare fabric: Lay your hoop down on top of your fabric.  Make sure your fabric is facing the correct way since this shape is not reversible.  If your fabric is thin, you may wish to add a layer of batting or felt underneath so that the crisscrosses of the embroidery hoops do not show through.  My corduroy was fairly thick, so I did not think it was too noticeable. Cut the fabric leaving approximately 2″ around each edge.  In the V’s that are formed on the outside edges of the cloud shape and where the brass clasps are, you will need to cut along the pink dotted line so the fabric will lay neatly on the edges.  I found it easiest to do this part after I had already started gluing the fabric to the  hoop.


4.  Glue fabric to the frame. Below is a shot of the fabric wrapped and hot glued in place.  If you are worried about your fabric unraveling where you made your cuts (along the pink dotted lines), you can apply a little bit of fray check to those edges.  Trim excess fabric.


5.  Hang and enjoy! I haven’t decided exactly where I’ll put this yet in my new wall arrangement which is growing quirkier by the minute, but here is my cloud in it’s temporary spot.  The rest of my plans for this room are a little more elegant, so I think it will all balance out.  I think this cloud project would be so much fun in a kid’s room.  (I’m still contemplating adding some raindrops or maybe some embroidery or who knows…)


Let me know if you try this one!

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  1. That is a really cute idea :) I like your quirky wall, it is very unique!

  2. Great idea! I have that post from Purl Bee saved in a folder for projects i want to take on.. i’m still gathering the fabric. i might just have to add a fluffy white cloud onto my to do list! thanks for sharing!

  3. What a cool idea! I’d have never thought of using the hoops! So inventive! And it’d be so adorable for my baby girl’s room!