Spring Quilt Market 2010: A Recap Preview


Hello there!  I have missed all of you, but I’m back from Quilt Market and have lots of eye candy to share.  Like everyone else who went, I’m still recovering — and maybe not as coherent about the experience as I’d like.  However, here’s a little teaser of some of the goodies.  (Up above is a sneak peak from Amy Butler’s gorgeous-as-always booth.)

I planned to take today off, but I kept having little electric bolts of inspiration all day.  I kept a sketchbook handy and just rolled with it.  I think this must be the by product of spending time surrounded by so many talented and creative people.  It’s a bonus that so many of them are beautiful on the inside too.

I had a wonderful time, save for a small shoe incident on Saturday.  I will spare you the gory details, but at one point I did wonder if anyone had ever required amputation from a mortal shoe injury.  As I hobbled around last night, I told my husband that this is a preview of me as an old woman.  He’s thrilled, I can tell.

At Quilt Market, everyone likes to tempt your sore feet by setting up beautiful beds, reading chairs, and cozy looking nooks.  I fell in love with this incredible pouf at the Michael Miller Fabrics booth.  Don’t you want to just pounce on it?


Just a few rows over, Bari J. had a beautiful set up for Country Lane in the Windham Booth.  I love this cutie, Izzy, who was hanging out on a comfy cushion of her own.  Izzy is one of Bari’s new sewing patterns and just shines with attention to detail.


I’ve got more pictures of everything above and more, so I’ll hope you’ll grab a cup of tea and come back the rest of the week for more of the pretty stuff.  As always, I fret the whole time that I’ve missed someone, but I really tried my best to cover as much as I could.  I was thinking of all of you readers at home, and that kept me going – blisters and all.  Thanks for sharing in the fun.  I think fabric is always meant to be shared with friends.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve been checking your blog each day to see if there were pics. It looks like it was amazing! So inspiring!! Please post more pics!